Guild Rules:

1) You must be 16+ due to strong language and the nature of most of our conversations.
2) Respect is key. We tolerate no drama and no disrespect.
3) Be active. Please be on at least once a week. If you are gone for longer than a month without letting an officer know why you will be kicked.
4) Represent the guild. It is not a requirement but it is strongly requested and urged.
5) Discord as ears only is required for guild missions.
6) Please welcome new members!

So you are a officer of the guild Eh….

Officer role is like a job:
It is not something given to you because you are a older timer or good looking or super awesome or any other egoistic reasons. A officer role is like a job, you have to be responsible and accountable, it should be taken seriously. It also doesn’t mean that all your gaming time will be eaten away by officer’s duties but a certain portion will be.

It is not about you:
Don’t become a officer because you want to own a personal army.
Don’t become a officer because it will become convenient for you to do things as you please.
Don’t become a officer because you want to impose your self-righteous noble ideals on others.
Don’t become a officer because you want to carry out a campaign to become the next leader of a big guild.
Don’t become a officer because you want to boost your reputation, pride, honor, anything individualistic, your egos.
It is not about you. Become a officer only if you have the strong desire to help others and work for the guild.

Those under you must see you doing everything you can for the guild and if you are not doing so how can we expect them to want to as well. Show your pride. Encourage them to be the best they can be for this guild just as you do. Make them KNOW not feel that we are the best guild there is.

An officer is impartial and carries out the orders even when they disagree. It is okay to disagree just carry out the orders and privately tell the marshal or commander about it later.

Event rules:
We dont require our members to attend every event on the schedule but respect those who have shown up for the events. Teamspeak is required for Guild Events and PvP only!

Rep Requirements:
We have no official rep policy but it might be wise to remember two things. It is easier to find folks to do things with you in our guild if you rep, and you representing the guild also makes the place look friendly, inviting and active which are important to growing and providing an activity rich atmosphere.